Flash Diffuser

This white portion is actually a flash diffuser to ensure that your pictures don’t make you look washed out from a direct flash.

Canon DLSR Camera

This isn’t an ipad camera or webcam. This is an actual pro photography camera that captures high quality stills and videos for GIF, BOOMERANG, and SLOW MO vids.

Touchscreen Monitor

Large multi-touchscreen monitor allows you and your guests to control the booth. Allowing you to start the booth at your choosing and inputting email for digital copies.

Instant Photostrip Printer

High quality, pre-cut photos will print out in under 15 seconds with this beast of a printer.

Sleek and Sturdy

We’ve designed the booth to fit in all event settings and yet be strong enough to withstand any guest who may have had a little too much from the open bar.

Options, we have them!


Can fit more people, and draws a crowd


More private, great for stealing a kiss!


+ Event themed props
+ Hats, Boas, Glasses, Wacky Props
+ Feel free to bring your own too


Photostrips print out within 12 seconds, customize layout of prints.


Silver & Gold sequin backdrop included for free, quotes provided for other requests, or bring your own as other couples have.


Let your guests leave you a special note for you to look back on at the end of the night.

Looking for more options?

Seen something cool at another event?

Let us know and we’ll make it happen!